Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlestown (Key Seat)

Current MP: Matthew Morris (ALP), since 2003. Like many Hunter MP's, his dad was an ex-federal MP.
Federal electorates covered by: Newcastle/Shortland/Charlton
Margin: ALP by 7.0% over Paul Scarfe (vs the Liberals it is by 14.6%)
Candidates: Matthew Morris is running again. Vet Andrew Cornwell is the Liberal candidate. Barry Johnston, a Lake Macquarie councilor, says he will run if no strong independent runs.
Observation: This seat could still fall in an election like this. If independents announce, this could be at a very good chance of falling, although OPV may affect it (if it was CPV, if independents announced Morris would be gone). Even if no independents announced, Cornwell is seen as a good candidate, so even then it might fall.
Prediction: Labor retain (this may change if a strong independent announces)

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