Friday, February 4, 2011

Cessnock (Key Seat)

Current MP: Kerry Hickey (ALP), since 1999. He is retiring at this election.
Electorates covered by: Hunter/Charlton
Margin: ALP by 12.4%
Candidates: The new Labor candidate is Clayton Barr, a teacher. The Nationals candidate is Alison Davey, also a teacher and a local mayor. Two local councilors (Dale Troy and Allan McCudden) are contesting as independents, and Ian Olsen (the deputy mayor) might too.
Issues: Another seat where the selloff may hurt. Also, the previous MP, Kerry Hickey, got himself into hot water over an affair with a staffer, which tendered his retirement.
Observation: This is usually a safe seat (and even safer on federal figures), but 12% doesn't seem all that safe. In this climate, it could still go. Add a retiring MP to the figures, and you have a seat to watch.

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