Friday, February 4, 2011


Current MP: Geoff Corrigan (ALP) since 2003
Federal electorates covered by: Macarthur/Werriwa
Margin: ALP by 3.9%
Candidates: Corrigan is running again. Chris Patterson, the local mayor, is the Liberal candidate.
Demographics: A very new and young area, with a very high proportion of children (8.3% are under 5, and a further 17.3% are 5-14). Also, 20% of people in this electorate currently attend school.
Observation: This electorate is changing. Once a rural electorate on the fringe of Sydney, it is now an area with a lot of new housing estates, making it more desirable for 'aspirationals', also making it more of a swing seat. In a year like this, it is very hard to see how Labor can win a seat like this.
Prediction: LIBERAL GAIN

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