Sunday, January 16, 2011


Current MP: Paul Gibson (ALP), since 1999. He is retiring at this election.
Federal electorates covered by: Chifley/Greenway
Margin: ALP by 22.3%
History: Based on the outer suburban suburb of Blacktown, this electorate is a very safe one for Labor. The only time that the Liberals won it in it's long history was in 1959.
Candidates: The new Labor candidate is John Robertson, the current Transport minister, and the former head of Unions NSW. He was a member in the Legislative Council for a couple of years, suggesting that the move to the Lower House could set off a leadership challenge after this year. Karlo Siljeg is the Liberal candidate.
Observation: Although Labor can expect a drop in support here, it is unlikely that they'd be in trouble.
Prediction: Labor retain

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