Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Mountains (Key Seat)

Current MP: Phil Koperburg, the former Rural Fire Services Chief, since 2007 (ALP). He is retiring at this election, a victim of the 'mob' mentality of NSW Labor.
Federal electorates covered by: Macquarie
Margin: ALP by 11.1%
Candidates: The new Labor candidate is Trish Doyle. The Liberals are running Roza Sage. The Greens are running Kerrin O'Grady. Janet Mays, a councilor, is running as an independent.
Observation: Although Labor would win this seat with a similar majority on federal figures, the regional seats told a strange story on federal figures. It is worth noting that the electorate has gone to whoever won power at every election, so going by that the Libs should win easy. It is also worth noting that the Greens poll very well here, so they may surprise.
Prediction: LIBERAL GAIN

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