Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, I'm back posting. Apologies for a lack of updates, but I'm a lazy boy.

Anyway, the Victorian election caused a massive upset. Really massive. Ted Ballieu, who was only thought of as a potential premier a week before the election (and he was the opposition leader for 4 years! Fair dinkum!) won narrowly to knock out Brumby. Why this happened no-one knows. Bad weather causing Labor voters to cbf? The "fuck you" vote? Time for a change? Liberal putting the Greens last on HTV? (and yes, the Greens failed to win any seats, along with Craig Ingram losing to the Nationals, no seats were won by independents or minor parties). What it will mean is that no-one can take anything into account.

I'll post here occasionally about the NSW state election, where something big's likely to happen. Yes, we know that O'Farrell will most likely win. But by how much? If Victoria's anything to go by, it'll be a whitewash that makes 1988 look close. I'll post what seats you should watch later....

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